About the company

The company GRANO Skuteč spol. s r. o. was established in 1994 by the development and transformation of a successful company Grano V. Nešetřil which was founded in 1990.

The company follows the centuries-old tradition of real stonemasons and pavers from our region. Thanks to the skills and experiences of the whole team, we are ready to offer a wide range of products and work from the natural stone, including historical pavements created by the procedures meeting the most demanding quality criteria, keeping the aesthetical qualities of original pavements (see the structures performed under the supervision of UNESCO representatives).

We are also very proud of the fact that we are more and more often invited to perform stone-cutting work for the most modern designs by our most important architects.

The company is a member of the Czech Stone-Cutters and Masons Association (Svaz kameníků a kamenosochařů ČR). It participates significantly in the development and management of the CZECHSTONECLUSTER Company.

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Grano Skuteč

The company GRANO Skuteč spol. s r.o. was created by the development and transformation of the successful company Grano V. Nešetřil, founded in 1990.