We provide stone-cutting and paving works from natural material.

Stone-cutting works

The group of stone-cutting works includes a wide range of production and installation of stone-cutting products. We are able to produce and supply any elements according to architects´ and investors´ requirements, from the simplest products to stone-mason works. We also participate in restoration and renovation of stone monuments.


Paving works

Our company carries out all types of pavements with split, hammer-faced and polished elements. We perform paving work in historical parts of cites frequently – including minor repairs, and partial or full replacements of original pavements.
Recently, we have been performing more and more work for private customers – mostly the surroundings of family houses.


Portfolio od our projects

Skill and experience


Grano Skuteč

The company GRANO Skuteč spol. s r.o. was created by the development and transformation of the successful company Grano V. Nešetřil, founded in 1990.